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Amazon Price: $209.50 $118.49 You save: $91.01 (43%) (as of August 9, 2020 7:12 pm – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Tesvor X500 is equipped with One-Key Planning Tech to memorize real-time routes and navigate to uncovered areas intelligently, fully covering your home with S-shape routes.

Features of  Tesvor X500 Robot Vacuum Cleaner:

  • SMART APP & VOICE CONTROLS: Use Alexa or Google Home voice commands to START and STOP cleaning. Use the smart app to check cleaning real-time map, customize cleaning, check cleaning status, provide online-service, schedule cleaning, share equipment with friends and receive error alerts.
  • SUPERIOR FULL COVERAGE: This X500 robotic vacuum is equipped with Smart Mapping System to plan the path for each cleaning and navigate to uncovered areas intelligently, fully covering your home with S-shape routes. Initiates an intelligent back and forth cleaning path when cleaning hard-surface floors, providing efficient and thorough cleaning experience!
  • POWERFUL CLEANING SYSTEM: This robot vacuum is engineered with V-shape dual rolling brushes & brushless motor with streamlined air duct design so that you can clean your space effectively with the HIGH SUCTION, LOW NOISE EXPERIENCE and COMPREHENSIVE CLEANING EFFECTS. Will pick dust, debris and anything on the floor. The suction is also powerful enough to be used on pet hair, which is usually a pain to remove!
  • ENJOY SAFE SMART CLEANING: This Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is fitted with Fall prevention & anti-collision sensors with climbing and virtual protection band (optional) to help detect and avoid obstacles and falls.
  • WORRY-FREE WARRANTY: We certain that this cleaning robot will solve your smart cleaning needs and thatÔÇÖs why Tesvor proudly and confidently offers a 30-day return policy and a 12-months manufacturer’s warranty against defects! Contact us in case of any question or queries!


Area is vital! When choosing where to put the charging doc, here are a couple of interesting points. Where do you need the vacuum to clean first? Which bearing do you need your lines in your rug to be? How open is the territory for the charging doc area?

Here’s the reason you have to think about these things. At the point when the vacuum leaves the charger, it backs up, pivots, and drives the other way of the charger until it hits the primary hindrance. At that point it makes a correct turn and starts the “S” shape design. In case you’re remaining before the charger confronting it, the vacuum will clean everything to one side before it moves on your right side. So on the off chance that you generally need one explicit region cleaned first (like the kitchen), place the charger at the edge of your kitchen where the vacuum can move to one side (in case you’re confronting the charger).

The vacuum will make it’s lines opposite to the mass of the charging doc. So in the event that you need the lines an alternate bearing, pick a contiguous divider for the doc to dwell. This isn’t just about lines in the floor covering. In the event that you need your vacuum to just make 3-4 turns down the passage, have it run parallel to the foyer dividers. Else it will return and forward a hundred times advancing gradually down the lobby.

How open is the space by your charger? On the off chance that you can see the charger from different edges, so can your vacuum. The more open and obvious the charger, the more probable your vacuum will be to discovering its “home”. When we originally put the charger, it was in a disguised area. This was extraordinary for us however not for the vacuum. It was continually getting lost. We currently have the vacuum charger in a prime area for the vacuum. It may not be as satisfying to us since it’s out in the open yet it cleans the most productive and successful way without fail and consistently discovers its home.

All in all, don’t be hesitant to move charging doc on numerous occasions until you locate the correct area. We’ve currently moved the charger area multiple times and it’s running all around proficiently!

The more I utilize this vacuum, the better it gets. It doesn’t stall out under the lounge chair any longer, it explores the house all around proficiently, and it keeps on improving its mapping after some time. Certainly the best vacuum at its cost! I completely suggest this item.


The same number of others referenced, I’m torn on leaving a general positive survey. There are numerous aces to this vacuum and a couple of cons. I’ll list both underneath referencing the pictures I’ve connected. I’ll move my star appraisals up if updates fix the issues I’ve seen.

Here’s a little foundation before I get into the advantages and disadvantages. At the point when my significant other and I began our robot vacuum search, we required two things in explicit and needed a couple of different things. We required a position of safety vacuum, explicitly under 3 inches, so it could go under our kitchen table. We likewise required one that was tranquil so we could run it while our kid was dozing. We needed a WiFi empowered gadget with an application and association with Alexa. We likewise needed one that was sensibly estimated and mapped out our home. This one fit that criteria consummately. So we got it and have claimed it for around about fourteen days. We have two huge regions and two lobbies that should be vacuumed routinely. Those are the kitchen and lobbies (hard floors) and the lounge room (covered). In the primary connected picture, you can see the lobbies on the left, the family room in the center, and kitchen on the right.

Here are our musings on how things have been throughout the most recent two weeks (upsides and downsides):

Pros of  Tesvor X500 Robot Vacuum Cleaner :

– Its calm! I was overwhelmed at how calm yet incredible this vacuum is on the tranquil setting. You can expand the intensity of the fan however that depletes your battery quicker and doesn’t appear to be vital.

– It fits flawlessly under our kitchen table. In the event that you watch the video, you’ll perceive how it scarcely fits under the table and works superbly at not stalling out under there. It discovers out even tho there’s just two spots it could get in/out.

– It gets a considerable amount of residue. I void out the container about each other run since it’s so full.

– You can have booked cleanings. We haven’t utilized this component yet buts it’s as yet pleasant.

– As the vacuum is cleaning, you can watch it guide out where it’s experienced the versatile application. This guarantees you it has cleaned wherever that is featured. There are a couple of bugs with the mapping that I spread in the cons segment.

Cons of  Tesvor X500 Robot Vacuum Cleaner:

– It gets lost and can’t locate its home. At whatever point I do the “brilliant cleaning” mode (otherwise known as S mode), it cleans the vast majority of the floors yet gets befuddled and has a troublesome time thinking that its home. Truth be told, the main time it discovers its house is the point at which I pick the “edge” cleaning mode. This prompts my subsequent con.

– Bug in the mapping tech. The principal appended picture demonstrates a precise floor plan of my home. That was the main pass the vacuum made tense cleaning mode. The second and third pass did not line up with the primary which befuddled the vacuum and at last caused it to lose its direction. See second picture for subtleties. I think this is the reason it gets lost with the shrewd cleaning mode also. In the event that this vacuum could discover its direction home amap effectively, it would be the best, most affordable robot vavacuu out there.

– This isn’t as quite a bit of a con however was a disturbance to us. Since the vacuum is so meager, it would always become ill mostly under our sofas. More often than not it just bobbed off of them yet from time to time it presses under and stalls out. We fixed this by removing the legs of our lounge chair (see pictures for subtleties). In any case, presently it’s odd having a love seat 4 inches shorter. The vacuum additionally stalls out under the base lip of our refrigerator. As yet taking a shot at answer for this one.

– In rundown, this vacuum was all that we needed on paper, however not in testing. Be that as it may, it’s the Best value for your money. Regardless of its blemishes, despite everything we’re keeping it with the expectation that it learns our floor plan better or gets an update to enable it to guide better and not get lost to such an extent.

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