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Save time and effort by letting the Samsung POWERbot R7065 Robotic vacuum handle the vacuuming for you.

Nothing can hide from the Edge Clean Master’s innovative shutter as it extends out to capture debris trapped in corners and edges of the wall. Maximize cleaning coverage and navigate your home with ease, all while the coverage map clearly shows where POWERbot has already cleaned.

Samsung POWERbot R7065 Robot Vacuum Powerful suction provides ideal cleaning results. Optimize cleaning protection as it navigates your house with ease and prevents obstacles, while the protection map shows where it has actually cleaned up. Wi-Fi Connectivity lets you manage your Powerbot from your smart device.

Edge Clean Master innovation includes an ingenious shutter that extends out to capture debris caught in corners and edges of the wall.
* Tested internally on Samsung Powerbot VR7000 and Samsung standard VR10F71UCAC.
** Amazon Alexa devices sold independently

Samsung POWERbot R7065 Robot Vacuum

Main features of  Samsung POWERbot R7065 

40x more powerful suction* – Powerful suction delivers optimal cleaning results. Brush Width 11.37 inches

Visionary mapping plus and Full View sensor 2.0 – Creates optimal cleaning path and avoids obstacles. Coverage map shows on app where POWERbot has cleaned

Wi-Fi Connectivity – Works with Amazon Alexa – Remotely control your Robot vacuum with your smartphone, or voice control with Amazon Alexa**

Edge clean master – Thoroughly cleans corners and edges of the wall

Combo Brush – Specially designed brush to pick up hair with less tangle


Samsung POWERbot R7065 Robot Vacuum

Samsung POWERbot R7065 Robot Vacuum

Samsung POWERbot R7065 Robot Vacuum

40X More Powerful Suction

Samsung POWERbot R7065  Powerful suction delivers optimal cleaning results with 40x more suction power than the previous model.

Visionary Mapping Plus and FullView Sensor 2.0

Onboard digital camera and nine individual smart sensors help create an optimal cleaning path by scanning the layout of your home and its surroundings.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Remotely control your Samsung POWERbot R7065 robot vacuum with your smartphone via Samsung Smart Things or voice control with Amazon Alexa.

Review of Samsung POWERbot R7065

The Samsung POWERbot R7065 comes with an amazing battery existence. You are able to select your suction level, that also controls your battery existence.

Should you put it around the cheapest electricity, it’s very quiet and runs for approximately 1.5 to two hrs!

The cheapest level is ideal for those who have a home of mainly solid surface flooring. When the Powerbot is mainly vacuuming carpet however, I wouldn’t recommend this level. The greatest electricity is clearly designed for carpeted areas.

The only real negative is your battery existence will be reduced close to 1 hour. It will a good job obtaining animal hair, however it still can use some improvement. The Roomba 980 kills the Powerbot on the quantity of debris it may collect. It is definitely the greater effective vacuum backward and forward.

The main difference between Samsung POWERbot R7065 and yet another robot vacuums is it really was one that is vacuum pressure.

The dust bin is at the very top center of POWERBot rather from the tail finish, making infinitely more sense and means you can observe that there are dirt within the bot and know when you should fix it.

The connectivity is effective using the application, and I am in a position to schedule it easily — again, something I possibly could do around the bot itself although not without significant effort and never as granular.

You may also visit a report from the way the bot performed previously, which means you know if this will get stuck. Ends up there is a little space beneath your bathroom vanity that is ideal for Samsung POWERbot R7065 to obtain wedged, and so i placed the associated strip while watching vanity on the ground and glued the issue.

The main one major negative within our house which i will give the Powerbot in comparison to the Roomba is the possible lack of obstacle barrier protection.

The Powerbot includes around 3 foot of the magnetic tape that may be placed around a opening like a staircase, random object, or room opening to avoid the vacuum from entering. We’ve two children under 5, therefore we gave a wide open toy room around the primary floor in our home. The Three foot of barrier tape which was incorporated wasn’t nearly enough to bar from the door entrance entry in to the toyroom.

I attempted contacting Samsung to buy many was forwarded to try Best to buy. I known as my local Best To Buy, simply to discover that they never carry the vacuums accessories, only the vacuum it’s self. Then i known as Samsung’s parts department, simply to find out there have been 20 callers ahead if me…pointless to state, I threw in the towel.

In comparison the Roomba 980 included two electronic barriers that emit a infrared beam, that blocks off about any size opening. My other problem with Powerbots barrier product is, that it’s a bit of tape. It simply so happens My home is Arizona, so little of the house is carpeted. Basically required to include a carpeted area, I could have been at a complete loss. The Powerbots barrier system leaves a great deal to be preferred.

Overall for the Samsung POWERbot R7065:

This Samsung POWERbot R7065 is Quiet ( in quiet mode), faster ( wouldn’t mean cleaner house ), Design is neat, It has better recognition of objects throughout, footwear, etc. It doesn’t hit edge or walls as hard as Roomba.

Getting the choice to activate it in the phone when you wish is great too, even if you’re away from home.

I believe $600 is a touch costly as well as for that Budget I’d opt for Roomba Brand ( high finish model which are a lot better than my reason for comparison). I believe Samsung is making great advance about this area and it wouldn’t surprise me when they improve than Roomba over a couple of years.

Pros of Samsung POWERbot R7065:

It accumulates dirt and dust started pretty much. It slows lower if this senses a wall also it really gradually rises at the base area of the base molding to wash it. It moves by itself with no guidance. It’s three suction settings (most powerful, moderate & lower) in addition to three cleaning modes ( auto clean where it instantly returns towards the docking station once it’s done cleaning, place clean for localized area & repeat clean).

You can use it without or with the handheld remote control, that is incorporated. If this gets near a large part or edge, it is going to high capacity to fix it better. It is also used by hand to manage its direction.

You are able to program it in the future on every single day alone (should you desired to).

I’ve hardwood flooring with a few throw rugs in some places and also the vacuum instantly covers the rug and also the suction becomes more powerful if this vacuums the rug which works pretty much.

Cons of Samsung POWERbot R7065:

The memory might be better.

Often it dates back to the same location it has vacuumed, so that you still need keep close track of it also climax on automatic. It does not always emerge from an area alone when it is done cleaning that room, like it’s suppose to (it simply keeps vacuuming it).

It does not always sense furniture, when the furniture is a touch greater off the floor, it’ll encounter it. It is so slow that could take a few hrs to complete the entire house. For me, it appears a little pricey.

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