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Amazon Price: $219.99 (as of November 23, 2020 2:46 pm – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

RoboVac 11S The Slimmest RoboVac Eliminate Vacuuming Chores RoboVac takes on dust-busting around your home so you don’t have to. Multiple cleaning modes and auto-clean scheduling ensure an effortless, thorough clean while you do other things or nothing at all.

Improved Cleaning Refined from the inside and out to provide quiet vacuuming with zero hassle, RoboVac cleans with the equivalent volume of conversational speech, and is only 2. 85” tall to clean under low-hanging furniture with ease. Lean, Mean, Cleaning Machine RoboVac may be super-slim, but it’s packed with a 3-point cleaning system, Boost IQ™ Technology, and up to 1300Pa of suction power to ensure your floors and carpets are clear of all dirt, dust, and crumbs.

Cleans Further A larger 0. 6L dustbin allows RoboVac to pick up more dirt and dust to take full advantage of 100 minutes** of continuous cleaning and without the need for emptying in between.

Premium Components The anti-scratch tempered glass cover provides a sleek look and superior protection for RoboVac, while the two filters and single high-performance filter achieve a better clean for your home. Worry-Free At Eufy, we believe in our products. That’s why we back them all with a 12-month and provide friendly, easy-to-reach support.

Customer review of Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S (Slim)

I have been an iRobot Roomba purchaser since 2007. My last Roomba bit the residue this month, and I completed a huge amount of research before purchasing a substitution. I went with the Eufy for a couple of reasons: value point, cleaning force, quietness, and smooth structure.

Cost: Very sensible. Practically sensible enough that I’d consider getting another for my subsequent floor. For the time being I’ll simply convey it upstairs.

Cleaning power: This thing sucks… It’s suction is a lot more grounded than my Roombas have had. It grabs so much residue and pet hair. We complete a full vacuum each other week with my Dyson, so I think about the robot vacuum as a supplemental vacuum. I was stunned at what amount was in the dustbin after it’s debut cleaning! The image joined to this is from that cleaning. It additionally gets a huge amount of residue in the little residue channel. In one of the video audits I viewed, the analyst said it didn’t get anything in that residue channel… So perhaps my floor covering is especially dusty, on the grounds that it has a thick layer after each cleaning.

Quietness: I work from my home office, and this thing is peaceful enough that I don’t turn it off during phone calls. This may be the thing I am most dazzled with. My last Roomba was LOUD- – you couldn’t have a discussion with somebody in a similar room, not to mention somebody on speakerphone.

Smooth structure: I cherish/despise this. It unquestionably looks present day and cool, and more like a workmanship piece than a machine, yet it demonstrates all my fingerprints, and now I keep a glasses cleaning material adjacent so I can rub it down. I assume in the event that I just utilize the remote and never lift it up, this won’t be an issue.

A couple of contemplations: I was planning to discover a robot vacuum that wouldn’t eat my rugs’ decorations, yet I don’t feel that vacuum exists. I have just utilized the Eufy multiple times up until this point, and it doesn’t generally get its brushes folded over the long decorations, however it does once in a while. It appears to acknowledge it sooner than my Roomba did at any rate. The Roomba would once in a while rip gobs of them off in a solitary cleaning. I attempt to fold them under the edge of the mat and that doesn’t appear to trouble Eufy. It has pulled off most likely 2 tufts up until this point.

The cleaning example appears to be quite arbitrary. I saw some different vacuums that diagram complex maps of your home, and Eufy doesn’t appear to do that. In any case, it doesn’t appear to make a difference, since despite everything it hits each spot in the rooms.

I’m a little worried about strength. My Roombas kept running for some, numerous years with effectively replaceable parts. We’ll need to check whether Eufy has a similar life span.

All things considered, I’m extremely content with my buy and certainly suggest it!


16 18 T2126 09 20
RoboVac 30 RoboVac 11S RoboVac 11S Max RoboVac 12 RoboVac 30C RoboVac 15C
Max Suction Power 1500Pa 1300 Pa 2000Pa 1500Pa 1500Pa 1300 Pa
BoostIQ Technology 2nd Gen 2nd Gen 2nd Gen 2nd Gen 2nd Gen 2nd Gen
Dust Collector Capacity 0.6L 0.6L 0.6L 0.6L 0.6L 0.6L
Decibels 55dB 55dB 55dB 55dB 55dB 55dB
Product Height 2.85 in 2.85 in 2.85 in 2.85 in 2.85 in 2.85 in
Climbing Threshold 0.63 in 0.63 in 0.63 in 0.63 in 0.63 in 0.63 in
No-go Line Boundary Strips (13.2ft) Boundary Strips (13.2ft)
Multi-Surface Cleaning Hard Floors to Medium-Pile Carpets Hard Floors to Medium-Pile Carpets Hard Floors to Medium-Pile Carpets Hard Floors to Medium-Pile Carpets Hard Floors to Medium-Pile Carpets Hard Floors to Medium-Pile Carpets
Wi-Fi Connected
Works with Amazon Alexa


Pro And Cons of Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S (Slim)



1. So extremely peaceful

2. Low profile, fits under foot stool

3. All things considered, keeps the floor clean

4. Stunning cost


1. Sporadically stalls out, brings about a round of find the stowaway

2. No real way to keep it in a “zone”


I’m exceptionally happy that we chosen to purchase this vacuum. We used to have a Roomba, however, disposed of it some time back when the battery at long last exhausted and the expense to supplant it was ludicrous. Be that as it may, we missed having something vacuum for us. We were taking a gander at a restored Roomba (at still another $80 more than what we paid for this new vacuum) when I read the surveys about the Eufy and thought I’d give it a possibility, particularly in the wake of finding out about how calm this unit is. Furthermore, really, it is a tranquil vacuum, yet with astonishing vacuum control. It’s peaceful to the point that I run it at evening time, and have it modified to keep running at 12 PM consistently, and it disturbs no one. Remember I have two small children, of which one is an exceptionally light sleeper, and this vacuum is tranquil to such an extent that it doesn’t wake up anybody. The main thing that is uproarious about the vacuum is the point at which it keeps running into a table leg with a boisterous BONK in light of the fact that the IR sensor can’t detect slight things like that in the manner.

I’m certain that there’s some AI programming in the vacuum, however, you couldn’t generally tell from simply watching it. In case you’re comfortable with a Roomba, this Eufy does precisely the same thing: appears to illogically meander around the house in irregular examples. Maybe you got a little child alcoholic and after that requested that he vacuum your family room. However incredibly, when you open up the dustbin there’s a huge amount of stuff it has gotten. In the wake of running it around 3 days straight, it has practically vacuumed up the whole floor and the floors are unmistakably cleaner. It even gets the stuff along the baseboards and in corners. It’s quite astonishing how much build up and stuff the vacuum grabs. What’s more, with two small children in the house who always create morsels and arbitrary lost goldfish saltines, running this vacuum each night has almost wiped out my need to haul out the upstanding vacuum.

The vacuum discovers its way to the charging port about 90% of the time. When it doesn’t I’ve discovered that it stalled out somewhere and came up short on battery control. Not at all like the Roomba that will play a tragic tune discontinuously so you can discover it when it stalls out, the Eufy just passes on. So then you’re meandering around your home searching for the darn thing. On the off chance that there’s any upgrades to the future model, I wish that it would give out the pain signal so discovering it won’t be so irritating.

The dustbin is anything but difficult to purge, and has 3 air channels to keep the build up and dust in the dustbin and keep the vacuum from simply smothering dusty ventilate of the fumes port. Up until now, I’ve been just brushing out the channels about once per week, yet I can perceive how I will presumably need to supplant it in a couple of more months. (I’ve had this unit for around 2 months now). Fortunately, the channels are accessible to buy independently and not very costly. The two turning brushes have likewise held up well. The roller brush gets obstructed with hair, however, the entire thing flies out effectively for cleaning. The Eufy even accompanies a cleaning apparatus/brush that makes it simple to clean the roller brush and the residue container. In general, cleaning the unit and keeping up it isn’t such work concentrated or troublesome.

The one disturbing thing about the Eufy is that there is no real way to keep it out of specific regions or rooms without making a physical hindrance. The one pleasant thing about the Roomba was that I could set out virtual dividers. With the Eufy, I’m physically setting things in the manner. Not a major issue, simply one more easily overlooked detail that I wish could be improved.

We have dull hardwood floors and I was worried about the possibility that the vacuum couldn’t recognize the edge of the floor by the stairs and that it would tumble down the stairs, particularly during the evening, however the IR sensors work superbly and that hasn’t been an issue. I’m so content with this that I’m purchasing a subsequent one to keep on the subsequent floor. The expense of two of these is still short of what one new Roomba. In general, I’m exceptionally happy that I chosen to take a risk on the Eufy on the grounds that it’s beginning and end the Roomba offers at a small amount of the expense and a small amount of the commotion!



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