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  • iRobot Roomba s9+ 9550 Robot Vacuum with Automatic Dirt Disposal Wi Fi Connected
  • Roomba S9+ Review
  • Roomba S9+ Robot Vacuum Review – Just Wow!
  • iRobot Roomba s9+ (9550) Robot Vacuum with Automatic Dirt Disposal- Empties
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  • iRobot Roomba s9+ (9550) Robot Vacuum with Automatic Dirt Disposal Review
  • User Review: iRobot Roomba s9+ (9550) Robot Vacuum with Automatic Dirt Disposal- Empties itself…
  • iRobot Roomba s9+ (9550) Robot Vacuum with Automatic Dirt Disposal- Wi-Fi Connected, Smart Mapping
  • iRobot Roomba s9+ (9550) Robot Vacuum with Automatic Dirt Disposal – iRobot Roomba s9+ (9550)
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iRobot Roomba s9+ (9550) Robot Vacuum with Automatic Dirt Disposal Wi Fi Connected, Smart Mapping, Powerful Suction, Anti Allergen System, Works with Alexa, Ideal for Pet Hair, Carpets, Hard Floors, Corners


  • The World’s Best Robot Vacuum Empties on its own, you don’t have to think about vacuuming for weeks at a time. Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal holds 30 bins of dirt, dust and hair. Anti Allergen Technology System captures and traps 99 percent of pollen and mold allergens
  • Superior 3 stage cleaning system. Delivers up to 40x the suction* for our deepest clean yet. Automatically increases suction to clean deep into carpets. *(Compared to Roomba 600 Series)
  • PerfectEdge Technology with advanced sensors, and a specially designed Corner Brush optimizes cleaning deep into corners and along edges
  • Advanced vSLAM navigation technology uses an optical sensor to gather over 230,400 data points each second to create an accurate map and clean an entire level of your home
  • Imprint Smart Mapping enables the robot to learn, map and adapt to your home, allowing you to control which rooms are cleaned and when. Advanced sensors constantly scan ahead at a rate of 25 times per second to detect obstacles in the cleaning path
  • 30 percent wider* Dual Multi Surface Rubber Brushes adjust and flex to help thoroughly and effectively clean carpets and hard floors. Ideal for homes with pets. High Efficiency Filter traps 99 percent of mold, pollen and dust mite allergens. *(Compared to Roomba 600 Series)
  • Roomba, clean my kitchen.” Knows your kitchen from your living room. Choose which rooms are cleaned and when in the iRobot HOME App. Enjoy hands free control with Alexa and Google Assistant


REVIEW OF iRobot Roomba s9+ (9550) Robot Vacuum

We recently bought the brand new Roomba s9+ and put it through all of our usual tests, and I have to say I was extremely impressed. I think that Roomba has done something really special with this redesign. And as we’ll see in the test, it goes far deeper than the new look.

I’m excited to get into it. So links in the description and let’s get started. So the S9 plus comes out only seven months after the release of the I7 plus, which also had a self emptying bin. And I will be making some comparisons to the AI 7 in this video, but I’ll also be posting an in-depth comparison of the Roomba s9+ an I7 plus on Tuesday, as well as a review of the M6 later on, which works in tandem with the S9. So be sure to subscribe for that.

First, let’s get into the basic features. So the S9 plus has been fundamentally redesign and part of that redesign is the new shape which is supposed to give it better edge cleaning and corner cleaning performance. It also has moved its dual brush role to the front and made it 30 percent wider. The 550 milliliter dustpan is a totally new design. The edge brush has finally got a makeover and not just in design.

They’ve also toned down the AAP PM so it no longer spins like crazy, which scattered debris. So that’s a big upgrade as far as I’m concerned. Like the I7 plus. It also comes with a self emptying band called the Clean Base, where the robot automatically returns to and empties the contents of its bin after every cleaning and spoiler alert. I really love the clean base. We first saw it on the I7 plus and other than a slight redesign with the location of the holes. The main change on the s9 clean base was an upgraded filter. So right out of the box the first thing I tested was the power. And it’s a beast.

iRobot Roomba s9+ (9550) Robot Vacuum with Automatic Dirt Disposal

It has two power settings and an auto mode, but on high power we measured it at a whopping 22 CFL, which is the highest I’ve ever measured. For context, the Roomba 690 measured 7C AFM the 980 an A7 were seventeen. CNN and the previous champion was the Neato D7 which measured 27. So we have a new most powerful robot vacuum. We saw that power manifest itself in the crevice pickup test where it did better than any robot vacuum that we’ve tested. And there was another area where the huge amount of power showed itself. But we’ll get into that in a minute.

We tested its debris, picked up on both hard floors and carpet. The first thing to note was that it had a nice clean pickup that didn’t scatter debris. This is impressive because older generations of rumors had a bull in a china shop side brush that I always felt made a mess before cleaning the mess. The S9, however, was nice and smooth and the wider brush roll combined with the power for a truly impressive pickup. I would say that in its low power mode, which we measured at only 8 CFA M of airflow, it didn’t seem strong enough to be all that useful on hard floors or carpet.

It may be quiet on low power, but we found much better results with high power or even better, just leave it on auto mode, which is where it will automatically adjust the suction depending on the floor type. I did notice that it didn’t seem to like larger debris either on carpets or hard floors.

Don’t get me wrong, it picked it all up even in the somewhat unrealistic amounts in our tests. But you could tell that it didn’t like larger debris and it made some crunching noises when it didn’t pick it up. It’s not something I’ve noticed with other robot vacuums.


iRobot Roomba s9+ (9550) Robot Vacuum with Automatic Dirt Disposal

It’s not a deal breaker by any means, but it is worth mentioning.

The thing that impressed me the most with the Roomba s9+ was probably its carpet deep cleaning ability for the deep clean test. I take exactly 100 grams of sand and embedded into pretty thick medium pile carpet. Run the robot for five minutes and then weigh the dustbins. The highest score I’ve ever seen is 79 percent and I’d pretty much given up hope that robot vacuums could ever really deep clean carpets. But I tested the S9 plus two times and got 93 percent and 96 percent each time for an average of ninety four point five percent. I’m assuming it’s the result of the massive power combined with the apparently closer to the ground brushes, which might explain the large debris issue from earlier.

In any case, kudos to iRobot for making me believe that robots can actually replace regular vacuums in this area. Another area that really impressed me was its hair pickup. I should mention that its exhaust is redesigned and diffused so there wasn’t any blowing around of light debris, which is not something you can take for granted as most robot vacuums do this to some extent. I have been looking for a way to standardize this hair wrap test, so I started out with one gram of seven inch hair, which I assumed would be way too much because previous generations of rumors would not have done well with that much hair. But to my surprise, there was virtually no tangles on the side brush or the brush role itself.

There was some of the axles which rumors are kind of bad about. And if you own a room but check your axles, it’s an important maintenance step that will improve the life of your robot. But even here, it was less than you typically see. I honestly don’t think that any other robot vacuum I have could have done so well with this exact test.

Moving on to navigation in terms of coverage. It had a really good sense of where it had and hadn’t been. It makes a broad strokes past first and then it goes directly to the places it knows it missed before following it all up with an edge cleaning pass at the end. And it does so without wasting time, which is an issue with the I7, which I’ll talk more about Tuesday.

I was worried that the new D shape would make it a little more cumbersome for fitting around chairs and table legs, but if you look at it, the Roomba. It’s less wide by about an inch than the other D shaped bottles, which makes a lot of difference for fitting in tight spaces. I found that it was better than any round robot, including my seven with edge in corner cleaning. Partly because of its shape.

It wasn’t perfect, but it was a huge improvement over the I7 plus. The battery life on the S nine was better in a few ways. The I7 only ran for about 75 minutes on its one power setting with the Roomba S9+. There was a range of 120 minutes on load to 50 minutes on its max power, which is actually pretty decent considering how much suction it has on high power.

In any case, I would recommend using the auto setting in order to optimize both performance and battery life. Though it does also have recharge in resume where it returns to the base to recharge and then resumes exactly where it left off. So battery life is a lot less important than it used to be. The app is pretty cool. You can schedule cleanings, it’s compatible with Amazon, Alexa and all that stuff, but you can also divide your house into rooms on the map so you can tell the Roomba to clean certain rooms and not others, which is pretty useful. And it will remember up to 10 floor plans for multiple floor homes, which is not something every robot vacuum does. It’s a testament to how cool the Roomba s9+ is that I haven’t actually talked about the clean base yet. I mean, I love the clean base. It functions well.

I didn’t have any trouble with it. Finding the base and the strong suction motor in the clean base really does suck out the contents of the bin. And as I said, with the I7 plus, it really feels like we’re so close to robots being truly autonomous thing, going about their business with minimal input from us. You do have to buy and remove bags, but they say you can get 30 bins full in one bag. So that’s 16, 99 for about three bags.

That’s about sixty eight dollars a year. So the Roomba s9+ is crazy expensive. You can see the current prices in the description, but it’s probably the most expensive vacuum in the world right now. True, it’s only a few dollars more than I7. Plus was at its peak, but still it’s a lot of money. On the other hand, it’s probably the best robot vacuum in the world right now, and I know for sure it’s the only one I would trust if deep cleaning carpets was a concern and it’s going to self emptying bin for crying out loud. So the worth is subjective. You can make a strong case for the price of the Roomba S9+. Be sure to keep up with all the latest robot vacuums


Customer review of  iRobot Roomba s9+ (9550) Robot Vacuum with Automatic Dirt Disposal

I have the 960 and just bought the Roomba s9+ for upstairs. It does a phenomenal job, really awesome. Almost too awesome; I have to empty it halfway through a job due to the amount of fluff it pulls off the rugs (-0.5 stars). I know that there’s an emptying system available for an extra $300 but it’s huge and unsightly. I don’t want our vacuum dock to be a feature in our living room.

The main gripe I have with the s9 over the 960 is the dirt detect feature seems to have gotten dumber. I watched it spend 5 minutes trying to vacuum up one of the heating vents because it thought it was dirt. 960 never did that (-0.5 stars)

It certainly does get better coverage than the 960 though. The maps it sends back are way more detailed. It has had some issues with docking but that doesn’t bother me too much since I don’t use the scheduling feature.

The s9 has never been stuck, not once. The 960 gets stuck almost every time we run it (which isn’t a huge problem since we’re always at home when we run it). The obstruction detection has improved out of sight.

If you’re deciding between the 960 and Roomba s9+:
– if you’re like me and are always at home when you run it (i.e. it’s never unattended) then the 960 is probably good enough. If you’re planning to use it on schedule/unattended, s9 (get the + if you can afford it and don’t mind the unsightliness of the dock)
– if you have a lot of bumps/ridges/uneven surfaces, get the s9. It’s a much better climber that the 960 because it has wheels in the middle and powered rollers up front (i.e. 4 wheel drive) whereas the 960 has the rollers in the middle, near the wheels, so it’s more like a 2WD.
– if you have long thick strong hair, don’t bother with the dock. It collects hair in the rollers and you’ll need to remove it long before you’ll need to empty the big dock (5 stars for picking up hair!). I’d really love if Roomba could add little razors or something to slice the hair before it wraps around the rollers rather than just let it bunch up. If they did I’d be a lot more tempted to get the dock.

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