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iRobot Braava jet m6 (6110) Ultimate Robot Mop Wi Fi Connected, Precision Jet Spray, Smart Mapping, Works with Alexa, Ideal for multiple rooms, Recharges and Resumes


  • Box Content: 1 Braava jet m6 Robot Mop, 1 Charging Dock, 1 Dock Tray, 1 North American Line Cord, 2 Single Use Wet Mopping Pad, 2 Single Use Dry Sweeping Pad, 4oz Cleaning Solution Sample Bottle
  • Ultimate Robot Mop with Precision Jet Spray helps tackle sticky messes, grime*, and kitchen grease. *(Tested in spot clean mode)
  • Patented iAdapt 3.0 Navigation with vSLAM technology allows the robot to seamlessly navigate and efficiently mop or sweep your floors
  • Imprint Smart Mapping enables the robot to learn, map and adapt to your home, allowing you to control which rooms are cleaned and when
  • Ideal for multiple rooms and larger spaces. Navigates around objects and under furniture. Cleans finished hard floors including hardwood, tile and stone
  • Maximized Edge Design gets into corners and along edges. Cleans under furniture and in other hard to reach spaces
  • Simply attach a Wet Mop or Dry Sweep Cleaning Pad and the robot automatically selects the cleaning method. For a long lasting fresh scent, add Braava jet Hard Floor Cleaning Solution
  • Braava, Clean My Kitchen.” Knows your kitchen from your living room. Choose which rooms are mopped or swept and when in the iRobot HOME App. Enjoy hands free control with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Automatically recharges and resumes until the cleaning job is complete
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Our Review of  iRobot Braava Jet M6 (6110)

We’re excited to be reviewing the new Bravo jet M6 mopping robot from iRobot. It’s been totally upgraded from the previous versions and among other things, it now works in tandem with the I7 and S9 robot vacuum lines. We put it there some cleaning tests and this video will be the results and our review. First, let’s go over the features and a little about how it works. The Braava Jet M6 comes with four disposable mopping pads, two or four dry mopping and two or four wet mopping, though you can also buy more permanent washable mopping pads separately. The robot knows which type you attach and automatically adjusts the mode in wet mopping mode. You fill up the tank with water or a water solution mix, the M6 travels a few feet, then sprays the solution, mops it up, sprays the solution again and so on. It does all this in straight efficient lines while mapping the house and avoiding obstacles, just like a robot’s high end smart robot vacuums.

You can adjust the amount of solution it sprays each time from low to medium or high in the app. Though I found that it was really efficient with its water usage even in full spray mode and even after large jobs and had a nearly full tank, you can also adjust the amount of passes you want. The so-called extended mode, the fastest mode is basically the same number of passes as a robot vacuum one pass. Then it moves over about the length of the mopping pad and makes another pass with the medium clean mode, so-called standard mode. The passes have a much more overlapping pattern and the process takes longer. And with the deep clean mode, the passes are extremely close together. iRobot says it’s five times more than the extended mode, and considering that the extended mode, the fastest mode took 35 minutes to finish this room. You need to be prepared for a pretty long lopping job.

If you’re using the deep, clean mode, that brings us to a cool new feature on the Braava Jet M6. It’s now equipped with a camera and the same mapping capabilities as the top of the line. Roomba is like the I7 and the S9. For example, the M6 is the first private jet that can clean really large houses because not only does it have an upgraded battery, but it also has recharge and resume, meaning that if it’s running low on battery, it will return to the dock, recharge and then resume exactly where it left off. And it knows where it left off because it has the full mapping capabilities of imprint technology, including room select where you can tell it to map certain rooms while avoiding others. It also has something called imprint link technology, which basically just means that in the app if you’re about to start the mop and you own an I7 or S9 robot vacuum, it will ask you if you want to vacuum first. And if so, it will start the robot vacuum. Then when it finishes its job, it sends a signal to the M6, which will then begin its job. So let’s move on to the tests. I sprinkled coffee, grape juice and V8 juice on white PPC board and let it dry overnight. We found in the past that dried coffee is the easiest to clean with grape juice next and dried on V8 being really difficult for some reason. I ran this on standard mode, so the middle number of passes with the maximum amount of spray.

And I have to tell you, I was pretty impressed. It picked up the coffee with seemingly no trouble at all. The grape juice was tougher, but by the end of its run it was completely gone. To appreciate how good I think this is. Check out how the robo rock E35 did. On the same test. Now the robo rocky 35 is first and foremost a vacuum, but it can be converted to a mop by filling the tank with water which then seeps into the pad. So the way I see it, because of the overlapping passes of the Brava M6, its first run was equivalent of two passes of the robo rock E 35, and after two passes of the robo rock, it was nowhere near as good as the Braava Jet M6. In fact, I ran the robo rock once more, so for a total of 4 passes double what the Brava did. And at the end there was still coffee stains, let alone grape and V8. So I have to say that the M6 is really doing something right. I did try to do an underclass shot, but the area was too small, so the programming of the Brava didn’t register enough area to spray water. So it was a busted experiment. I did test the M6 in our robot vacuum testing area and here we find some more things to praise as well as a few things to nit pick.



On the plus side, it was really good coverage and navigation. Not only did it cover the entire area, it was smart enough to know what areas it had missed during the first part of its run, for example, just before it ended its run. It knew there was a spot under the table it had missed and it ran over there and got it. Before docking on that point, it seemed to have a similar obstacle algorithm as the S9, which we really liked with regard to table, legs and other obstacles. So this is the second time I’ve uploaded this video in the first video. This is the point where I started to talk about some of the negative things. The first thing I mention was that the Braava Jet M6 would not be able to distinguish hard floors from carpets, so you would either have to extensively prep your house by removing rugs or blocking off carpeted areas with iRobot dual mode virtual wall barriers. Well, since then I’ve realized that the M6 is a lot cooler than I initially thought it was, number one. It can actually tell if it hits a patch of carpet and then it navigates around it. And I’m talking even the flimsy bath mat in our test room. Basically, it avoided all three carpeted surfaces in this. Test without me having to tell it to do anything. The second part to this is that I just realized that I robot is starting to roll out a feature called Keep Out Zones, which are like similar features we’ve seen where you draw barriers in an app and it will keep the robot from going where you don’t want it to go like carpeted rooms.

It’s being released this week on beta for I7 Robot Vacuums, but it’s supposed to roll out to many of AI robots vacuums via an app update, including the M6. This summer, basically, all this is an absolutely amazing set of features for a mopping robot to have that it can physically avoid rugs and that an app feature will be available in a future update that can add virtual barriers. All and although I found the M6 to be a massive upgrade from the previous versions, mainly because the previous Bravos could not dock on their own and were never really meant for a whole house cleaning. And of course it has the camera and the full mapping capabilities of a smart robot. The cleaning was magnificent. Much better than I’d seen previously, but I would recommend buying the washable microfiber pad sold separately as you will quickly run out of the two wet mopping disposable pads that are included and you would spend a fortune on disposable pads if you go that route. It seems like the Braava Jet M6 is the best mopping robot from iRobot yet.


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Customer review of  iRobot Braava Jet M6 (6110) Ultimate Robot Mop

I am thrilled with this new Braava. I had ordered the T380 or whatever it is called and it did not do much of a job cleaning my floors, nor did it connect to my phone and roomba ; so I returned it. This new jet m6 is night and day above that one. It is mopping my floors as I type and getting them truly clean as my new roomba s9+ vacuums the other rooms before the braava gets to it. They work together which is a huge plus to me as I don’t have let the roomba finish before firing up the braava every day. I just turn them on and let them do their thing resulting in clean, shiny floors while I drink my coffee and get my paid work done. I have never been so happy with a product in my life as I am with the Braava jet m6 and the Roomba s9+!

The only cons is that I believe it requires the use of the iRobot cleaning fluid if cleaning fluid is wanted as opposed to using other brands. Same for the mop heads; although I have ordered some rewashable ones to keep the mopping price down as the throw always are fairly pricey at a dollar a mop. With that said, the throw-away is what is mopping my floors so beautifully as I type; so if the microfiber rewashables don’t do as good a job as the throw-always I will be purchasing them in bulk as I am happy with the job the throw-aways do.

So incredibly glad I purchased these two items as I was a bit reluctant due to the price tag. Not now. They are worth every penny to me.


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