iRobot Vacuum Video Reviews

iRobot Braava jet is designed for the quick and efficient cleaning of hard floors.

Effectively mopuje wooden floors, panels and tiles.

Working robot is so quiet, that it does not interfere with daily activities in the household, or even sleep.

Jet Braava perfectly check in smaller rooms, especially in the kitchen and bathroom, thanks to its compact size will reach all the difficult spots.

Braava Jet operates on the basis of special cleaning pads.

Automatically selects the appropriate cleaning method adapted to the type of overlay.

Apply overlay iRobot Braava Jet and simply press CLEAN.

The robot itself will know what mode to use.

Select mopowania cap for a wet wipe wet or dry sweeping.

Mode mopowania wet robot cleans up to 20 m², in the manner wipe wet and dry sweeping robot cleans 25m².

Thanks to the advanced navigation system iAdapt 2.

0-based sensors, iRobot Jet Braava moves linearly to work effectively.

Reaching wherever it is needed.

Precision spray softens the dirt and stains and do not dirty the walls and furniture, then vibrating the cleaning head equipped with a suitable cap gently scrubbed stains and dirt collecting concurrently with the floor.

iRobot Braava Jet can also be operated via mobile devices, so application iRobot HOME.

The application allows, among other things: personalization settings work, start or stop the robot, tracing the history of the work.

It also provides guidance related to the operation and maintenance of the device.

You never touch the dirt.

Press and release the cap, you do not need to touch the dirt.

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