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Samsung POWERbot R7010 Robot Vacuum review

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Thinking about purchasing a robotic vacuum cleaner? If you can manage it, the Samsung POWERbot R7010 Robotic Vacuum is an excellent robotic vacuum to clean your floorings when you are away from house.

Samsung POWERbot R7010 Robotic Vacuum

Conserve time and effort by letting the Samsung POWERbot R7010 robotic vacuum deal with the vacuuming for you. Edge Clean Master innovation includes an ingenious shutter that extends out to record particles caught in corners and edges of the wall.

Samsung POWERbot R7010 Robot more effective solution up to 20x


20x More Effective Suction

Effective suction provides ideal cleansing results with 20x more suction power than the previous design.

Samsung POWERbot R7010 Robot visionary mapping

Visionary Mapping Plus and FullView Sensing unit

Onboard digital electronic camera and 9 specific clever sensing units assist produce an ideal cleansing course by scanning the design of your house and its environments. You will not have to fret about furnishings or items on the flooring. Just turn it on, and let it get the job done for you.

Edge Clean Master

This innovation includes an ingenious shutter that extends out to record particles caught in corners and edges of the wall.

Samsung POWERbot R7010 Robot cyclone force

CycloneForce Innovation

Get constant power with less blocking. Strong centrifugal forces different dirt and particles into an external chamber to keep long-term suction power.

Easy Pass Wheels

Big wheels move efficiently over barriers, transitioning from tough floorings to carpet with ease and supplying the ideal kind of cleaning up action for whichever surface area it’s on.

Samsung POWERbot R7010 Robot wide brush

Wide Brush

This broad motorized brush enables the POWERbot to tidy bigger locations with less motion. Its strong turning movement assists loosen up caught dirt particles, while suction throughout the whole brush offers pick-up from end to end.

Intelligent Power Control

Immediately spots surface area types to enhance suction power. From wood to carpet floor covering, and whatever between, the POWERbot senses the surface area type to supply ideal cleansing.

Samsung POWERbot R7010 Robot power control

Resume and charge

When the battery runs low it instantly relocates to the docking station to charge itself. Once it’s totally charged it returns to its last area and resumes cleansing.

Washable Filter

The washable filter produces affordable and simple upkeep.

Our Review of Samsung POWERbot R7010 Robot

As someone who’s owned several brands and many types of automatic vacuums, Samsung may be the only brand getting this right! I have got another earlier type of the Powerbot, which model is a superb step up from an established original concept. I have been so pleased with each of them, which newer model isn’t any exception. This model work very well and price of possession is extremely low compared to competition. There is a ton to speak about here, I’ll write in list format for preferences.

What we like about Samsung POWERbot R7010 Robot :

1) The Samsung robots aren’t “blind.” The robot includes a all over camera on the top, meaning it uses markers around the ceiling like corners, lights etc to map its way around your home. It remembers these markers and uses these to find it’s way from area to area, creating a arrange for cleaning as the story goes. Fantastic!

2) It knows its way home! While other robots bumble throughout the house anxiously trying to find their house base, the Samsung remembers where it’s been and back tracks back to it’s base. Whether it does not finish the task on a single charge, it’ll go back to base, charge more and finished the task later.

2) This model Samsung POWERbot R7010 Robot  includes a full width brushroll, meaning it cleans greater than twelve inches of floor in a single pass. Roomba, Anker and LG dont’ have this. It is a huge bonus!

3) The dust bin is big. It’s lots of space and maintains suction because of its cyclonic design. Being an additional advantage – the filter is washable! Lots of space within the tank, a cyclonic the perception of continuous suction power along with a washable filter to create maintenance simple and easy , chaep is really a plus.

4) The Samsung POWERbot R7010 does not “slam” into walls and furniture. With four lidar sensors around the front bumper, the Samsung POWERbot R7010  avoids obstacles sometimes without touching them, and when it will have to touch to wash inside a corner for instance, it slows lower and barely touches. What this means is significantly less harm to the unit with no marks on walls, baseboards and chair legs.

5) This newer series features a red dust guard that can help clean under cabinets as well as in corners. Once the robot guides itself right into a corner, it presses in and drops a guard to assist pull and suck the dust bunnies from corners and from under ledges.

6) This model Samsung POWERbot R7010 improves over the original with the help of another bump detector. As the older model (and all sorts of models from competition) are vulnerable to getting stuck under furniture, the most recent Powerbot models incorporate a bump sensor close to the floor level to prevent obstacles, an additional one around the top lip which sits greatest and most importantly other components. This can help the unit avoid sliding under furniture it cannot navigate out from under.

7) This model Samsung POWERbot R7010 Robot  includes a simple daily scheduling tool, which for that cost is extremely nice! Just press and contain the left button for 3 seconds during the time of day you would like it to clean every single day. Basically, if you would like it to wash every day at 7:00 AM, just press and contain the button once in those days and will also take proper care of it every single day after.

8) Samsung POWERbot R7010 Robot handles carpet perfectly. It does not find it difficult to crawl even with the thickest of pile, departing clean lines and fluffy carpet when it is done.

What we Dislike about Samsung POWERbot R7010 Robot :

1) I truly wish Samsung were built with a boundary defining system like Roomba has using their invisible walls, or Neato does using their magnetic tape. Sometimes I would like it to avoid a particular room or area, If only there is an answer with this.

Overall this is actually the best automatic vacuum available, hands lower! For cost featuring, it’s amazing this model stands foot to foot with products multiple occasions its cost tag, it is a welcome accessory for my house and that i know you’ll relish it too.


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Customer Reviews

Good Vacuum, Blind Robot

153 people found this helpful
 on September 29, 2017
By Ike
After reading R7010’s manual and finding out how many features it’s lacking compared to higher-up models I felt disappointed. Controls are super simplistic so it will either work for you or not – there’s no way to adjust it -even ‘schedule’ is just a 24h timer. After first test I’m impressed with few things: -it picked up a lot of dust we did not know we have – partially because of the second feature on the list -it takes care of corners and baseboard areas very well, places that dyson ball has trouble reaching -it is methodical in it’s travels, path does not appear random and it navigated our small apartment with many obstacles pretty well -it slows down, most of the time, before touching an obstacle – be it a baseboard, table leg or some other item on the floor -it found home w/o issues EDIT: Second day in and I notice one big shortcoming. Even though floor area is small – vacuuming only hardwood – it takes more than one charge to complete the task. That’s around 6 hours of vacuuming if you include 4 hours of charging. I feel that 20% duty cycle maybe frustrating in the long run, when you want things done. I would prefer to have it vacuum longer or charge faster.

Watch out Roomba and Neato! Samsung outdoes you at a quarter the cost!

55 people found this helpful
 on October 26, 2017
By Preston Cole
As someone who’s owned several brands and several models of robotic vacuums, Samsung is the only brand getting this right! I’ve got another earlier model of the Powerbot, and this model is a great improvement on a proven original concept. I’ve been so happy with both of them, and this newer model is no exception. This model work so well and cost of ownership is very low in comparison to competition. There’s a ton to talk about here, I’ll write in list format for likes and dislikes. Like: 1) The Samsung robots aren’t “blind.” The robot has a 360 degree camera on top, meaning it uses markers on the ceiling like corners, lights etc to map its way around your house. It remembers these markers and uses them to find it’s way from room to room, building a plan for cleaning as it goes. Fantastic! 2) It knows its way home! While other robots bumble around the house desperately searching for their home base, the Samsung remembers where it has been and back tracks right back to it’s base. If it doesn’t finish the job on one charge, it’ll return to base, charge some more and finish the job later. 2) This model has a full width brushroll, meaning it cleans more than twelve inches of floor in one pass.

The EdgeClean Master is a brilliant solution to getting dust and debris out of tough …

96 people found this helpful
 on May 5, 2017
By Toby
I’ve owned a competing brand of robot vac in previous years and found the Powerbot R7010 to be more powerful and less noisier of the two. Ive grown accustomed to “noise checking” on the status by listening to the robot vac from another room but this by far not the case with this robot vac upgrade. The EdgeClean Master is a brilliant solution to getting dust and debris out of tough spots and the R7010 also does a great job of keeping itself out of tough spots where the other brand used to get stuck. I’ve grown accustomed to the benefit of a robot vac, and the new Powerbot does it better without me having to worry if it did a good job. Exceeded expectations and would recommend.

Very Impressed

54 people found this helpful
 on May 16, 2017
By Karen Harris
I have had this vacuum for about 2 weeks and love it. I was hesitant about getting a vac like this because all the automatic vacs seemed too small to be effective and I thought I would need to be constantly emptying it. To my surprise it picks up great and I only need to empty it after it has completed a whole level (I have a 3 level town home). It navigates well and I have yet to have it get stuck. Definitely a good buy.

Quiet but Deadly

82 people found this helpful
 on June 18, 2017
By Cliente de Amazon
I received this powerbot as a gift from my son and I love it! I schedule it to run everyday so my house is constantly clean. I am older now and using the upright vacuum once a week was getting to be too much but this baby is a back saver. When I first got it I thought it was cute (love the white) but wouldn’t really clean well.In fact this thing hunts the dirt it hugs walls and is short enough to get under my bed so the entire house is clean. Another thing is it’s super quiet I watch TV and talk on the phone and it does not disturb me. Yet even though it is quiet it is truly powerful really gets the dirt off the floor I no longer wear sandals in the house just barefoot and it feels soo good. I would recommend this to friends and family and for the price it’s hard to beat in my opinion.

but it’s been great so far

9 people found this helpful
 on October 21, 2017
By OhWelles
One week in, and I’m loving this! This is my first robot vacuum, and after much research and review-reading, this seems to check all my boxes (admittedly, one being price). I bought the refurb, which didn’t come with a manual, and I haven’t gone online to find it yet, so I’ve just been pushing buttons to see what they do so far, but it’s been great so far. watching him (yes, I’ve named and gendered him, Sam Sung Un) poke and prod around my apartment (half tile, half plush carpet), and it’s like having a puppy who cleans messes rather than makes them! No, there’s no remote or app support, but for my little apartment, it’s not needed, as Sammy seems to hit all the open spaces and crevices just fine. He got lost under the couch one time, and the poor thing fell asleep trying to escape (battery), but that’s to be expected of new pets, right? I mean vacuum. Totally not a pet.

YES for customer serive, NO for Amazon certified product.

9 people found this helpful
 on November 10, 2017
By Winner's
They get 4 stars, mainly because of customer service. The product arrived not only defected but not clean either. I mean I understand and aware that it’s not brand new but the product is Amazon warehouse CERTIFIED, which never disappointed from the Amazon brand. But this time, the product came with clay stucked on wheel and most importantly it did not working at all.

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