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Review of Samsung POWERbot R9350 Turbo Robot Vacuum

  • Top Selling Robotic Vacuums review-of-samsung-powerbot-r9350-turbo-robot-vacuum-works-with-amazon-alexa Review of Samsung POWERbot R9350 Turbo Robot Vacuum
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Amazon Price: $1,199.99 $799.00 You save: $400.99 (33%). (as of December 11, 2018 4:45 am – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Save effort and time by letting the Samsung POWERbot R9350 manage the vacuuming for you.

World’s most powerful suction provides ideal cleaning while clever technology allows you to manage your Samsung POWERbot R9350 from your smart device.

Maximize cleaning protection as it Navigates your home with ease and prevents barriers.

* The suction power was tested on Samsung POWERbot VR9350 in comparison with a leading robot vacuum brand’s specific model in the US market as of July 2016. The test was carried out by an independent laboratory (SLG) based on the test approach customized from EN 60312-1.

Requires cordless network and Samsung Smart Home and Smart Things App. The Samsung Smart Home and Smart Things app supports Android OS 4.0 (ICS) or later which is enhanced for Samsung mobile phones (Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series). This app also supports iOS 7 or later for iPhone designs. Smart Home App readily available in App Store and Play Store. Amazon Alexa offered independently.


  • World’s Most Powerful Suction with 70X more suction power* -Powerful suction delivers optimal cleaning results
  • Visionary Mapping Plus and FullView Sensor – Creates optimal cleaning path and avoids obstacles
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity – Works with Amazon Alexa – Remotely control your robot vacuum with your smartphone, or voice control with Amazon Alexa***
  • CycloneForce Technology – More consistent power with less clogging**
  • Point Cleaning – Simply point for on-demand vacuum cleaning.


Samsung POWERbot R9350 with Powerful Robotic Suction

Powerful suction delivers optimal cleaning results with 70x more suction power than the previous model*. *Tested internally on Samsung POWERbot VR9350 and Samsung conventional VR10F71UCAC.

Top Selling Robotic Vacuums review-of-samsung-powerbot-r9350-turbo-robot-vacuum-works-with-amazon-alexa--13 Review of Samsung POWERbot R9350 Turbo Robot Vacuum

Visionary Mapping Plus and FullView sensor

Clean smarter.

Don’t worry about furniture or objects on the floor. The POWERbot’s onboard digital camera and nine smart sensors create a complete map of your home to determine the optional cleaning path. Simply turn it on.

Top Selling Robotic Vacuums review-of-samsung-powerbot-r9350-turbo-robot-vacuum-works-with-amazon-alexa--14 Review of Samsung POWERbot R9350 Turbo Robot Vacuum

Top Selling Robotic Vacuums review-of-samsung-powerbot-r9350-turbo-robot-vacuum-works-with-amazon-alexa--15 Review of Samsung POWERbot R9350 Turbo Robot Vacuum

Wi-Fi Connectivity with Select & Go

With Wi-Fi connectivity and Select & Go, you can remotely choose which rooms you want cleaned – all from your smartphone. Works with Amazon Alexa.

Top Selling Robotic Vacuums review-of-samsung-powerbot-r9350-turbo-robot-vacuum-works-with-amazon-alexa--16 Review of Samsung POWERbot R9350 Turbo Robot Vacuum

Samsung POWERbot R9350 Works with Amazon Alexa

For the full smart home experience connect your Powerbot vacuum to Amazon Alexa. Then take control of your home through voice controls.

Clean harder.

This Combo Brush is specially designed to pick up pet hair with less tangles. Its strong rotating motion helps loosen trapped dirt particles, while suction across the 12 inch wide brush provides pick-up from end to end.

Top Selling Robotic Vacuums review-of-samsung-powerbot-r9350-turbo-robot-vacuum-works-with-amazon-alexa--17 Review of Samsung POWERbot R9350 Turbo Robot Vacuum

Top Selling Robotic Vacuums review-of-samsung-powerbot-r9350-turbo-robot-vacuum-works-with-amazon-alexa--18 Review of Samsung POWERbot R9350 Turbo Robot Vacuum

Powerfully designed 

The Samsung POWERbot R9350 features a powerful Cyclone Force system that separates dirt and debris into an outer chamber to maintain suction power longer with less filter clogging.

Customer reviews of Samsung POWERbot R9350

The vacuum is simple to setup and it arrives with a handheld remote. The Samsung POWERbot R9350 has good suction and will a good job of vacuuming the home. I would not express it beats carpeting the way in which and upright would, and so i don’t believe the rugs are becoming as clean because they would having a regular vacuum, however the surface will get cleaned pretty much.

The dirt container isn’t big enough to achieve the whole home cleaned at the same time, however the battery from the robot wouldn’t allow that anyway.

It is advisable to clean one room or more at any given time and rotate throughout the house. I’m always surprised about just how much this factor accumulates. Ew. The Samsung POWERbot R9350 includes two hvac filters, so once per week, I swap them out and clean the dirty one.

The dirt cup is extremely, super easy to empty. It lifts quickly the top machine and it has a thumb latch to press and open the container. Dump, close and drop into the robot

. The beater bar around the bottom from the robot needs to be cleaned regularly too. Again, a latch or more also it pops out. I unsuccessful to wash it for any month, and also the picture here is the end result. A set of scissors rapidly fixed that, and that i made the decision to become better about washing the bar.

Overall, Within the finish, it will vacuum! Also Samsung POWERbot R9350 frees you up to behave else even though it is vacuuming. It’s effective suction because of its size. I am talking about, this is actually amazing. I figured it might have comparable power among individuals rollers they will use in restaurants, however this factor appears to operate in addition to every other vacuum I’ve had.

It’s three settings enabling you to perform a light vacuum as you’re watching tv or speaking in your phone, or perhaps a heavy vacuum whenever you don’t mind some extra noise or don’t mind turning the background music up.

Obviously, the dust trap requires more frequent emptying than you are on a normal size vacuum because of size, however it has enough ability to perform a couple rooms at any given time, as well as an extra filter so it’s not necessary to come to a whole dead stop when you are awaiting the filter to dry after cleaning.

I really like this machine, however i wouldn’t allow it to loose while I’m not around. I do not trust it to avoid something stupid like consume a zipper pull (done that) or anything else it can’t handle. I’ve not really tested the wireless features. I finally got around to connecting it towards the application, but haven’t performed by using it yet. I’ll update after i do.

Pros of Samsung POWERbot R9350:

  • Cleans as good or better than Dyson big ball animal vacuum
  • Started working straight out of the box.( Did not bother programming floor plans)
  • Handles thick (Shag) carpet and area rugs as well as tiled surface
  • Finds way back to charging station without fail all the time
  • Extracts fine dust from carpets(better than Dyson cinetic)

Cons of Samsung POWERbot R9350:

  • Could use a better battery. lasts only 30 minutes per charge. approx 1500 sqft completed in two charge cycles
  • Occasionally gets stuck under dining chairs
  • Provided barrier strip not much use (Powerbot ignores it most of the time).
  • Works better if you have minimal furniture and relatively open floor plan
  • Started cleaning the room in circular motion (like crop circles) at the beginning. It later figured out the floor plan and now does the longer swaths ( Started using a month ago)

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Customer Reviews

6 months of daily use.

 on January 29, 2017
By neil james schoenberger
Update: it’s been about a year and a half and I’ve been getting increasingly tired of the app not working well. Also, if it got stuck, a lot of times I wouldn’t know it (supposed to send a notice) and at the very least I have to go searching for it).

but it you buy it for the Floor Planer option you will be disappointed. As a software developer by trade

 on March 26, 2017
By EricCartman
It cleans very well, but it you buy it for the Floor Planer option you will be disappointed.

Great until it goes "psssfuuuu" and then won’t turn on.

 on November 21, 2017
By k
This this is a mixed review and is on a factory refurbished unit. The new unit is over $1000 (at least when I bought it) so I opted to go with a refurbished unit for half that. The r9350 is their top of the line and was excited that I was getting all the features for the same price as Roomba or Neato, which I have had both…several units of both…and they are more disposable than useful). Samsung does have a new line that fits under the couch, but I wanted this version because it can’t fit under the couch. I spend a large portion of my time hunting my older Neatos and moving furniture to get them after they get stuck, so I wanted this larger unit.

Too many issues to justify the high cost.

 on January 28, 2018
By Kris
I really want to like it. The good: it is beautiful hardware. Also it looks like a standup vac that the top was chopped off. Which I think is kinda cool and it seems to have a decent sized bin. It cleans pretty well and seems to move quickly compared to some of my previous vacuums. I’d say it’s cleaning pattern is so so.

This product is as advertised and is amazing! I absolutely love it and the fact that …

 on March 24, 2017
By Alexander
I am going to keep this one as short as possible. This product is as advertised and is amazing! I absolutely love it and the fact that I was able to buy this on Amazon for several hundred dollars less than anywhere else makes it even better. This little vacuum works so well it avoids picking up my sons little toys. The unit really does vacuum and pick up actual dust and debris. Incredibly easy to clean and operate. Samsung really does have the best robot vac on the market.

Amazing Suction and Super Easy To Use!

 on November 17, 2017
By Jay B.
Super easy to use, picks up dirt miraculously and looks like a professional cleaned the place! It’s smart enough to not get “stuck” in an area and won’t fall off the stairs. Don’t let it pick up any kind of construction materials or put it near a wet area. This is just for everyday use, it’s not a Shop Vac and it’s only for dry areas. App for the wifi isn’t necessary but if you want to hook up to wifi supposedly you can make it go through Alexa. I haven’t tried it yet. It comes back to the base to charge by itself unless it’s excessively far away so don’t leave anything in its path. Amazing suction in the turbo mode, DEFINITELY worth the extra few hundred for this upgraded model. Just hit the play button and it does its thing. You’ll be amazed, trust me. DON’T buy a refurb to save some extra $. I did that with horrible results. Just don’t do it.

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