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Take your cleaning further with the Neato Botvac D7 connected.

With lasers mapping and Navigation it covers more area in less time, moving around your house logically—not randomly. New zone cleaning lets you pinpoint trouble areas you want to clean more frequently.

Turbo mode provides an extra powerful clean picking up debris you can’t see, while the robotic D-Shape design tracks down dirt in corners and along walls better than others.

The BotVac D7 is super smart, remembering multiple floor plans and letting you create no-go lines on each, so your Robot knows where not to go. And it keeps getting smarter, so you’re first to have the latest features. With up to two hours of battery life, the BotVac D7 is perfect for even the largest homes.

Main Features of Neato Botvac D7

Lasersmart technology intelligently navigates and maps your house, cleaning in straight lines rather of the random pattern

With zone cleaning, one can market to the problem areas in your house more often. (Available via software update in fall 2018)

No-go lines enables you to inform your robot where to not go staying away from such things as cluttered rooms or a lot of cables

Multiple layout mapping enables you to conserve to 3 maps, one for every story of your house

Turbo mode boosts suction to get the dirt you cannot see

Ultra performance filter captures as much as 99Percent of dustmites and allergens no more than 10 microns. D-shape design and enormous core brush will get into corners round robots can’t

As much as two hours of battery existence, ideal for the largest homes. Sometimes your robot wants some extra capacity to finish a lengthy cleaning run. With quick boost charging, it calculates the quantity of power required to finish the task, and expenses accordingly

Get additional features through regular software updates

Customer review of Neato Botvac D7

This really is my first automatic vacuum and that i wasn’t sure what to anticipate. I am incredibly very happy to are convinced that it performed much better than I possibly could have expected.

The majority of the reviews and demo videos I have seen are suitable for small apartments or well-stored Ikea demo houses. I set the D7 loose on my small 1,900 sq . ft . bottom floor with a lot of irregular edges and obstacles in the manner. It navigated them skillfully.

I’ve four barstool chairs in a kitchen breakfast area and also the D7 scooted among each chair and wedged itself between your legs to wash in addition to it might. It required two runs and ~3 hrs (plus 1 hour 30 minutes to recharge midway through) to wash the floors on eco mode, so it switched onto perform the initial mapping.

Throughout the run, it never once got stuck under anything and surprised me at just how easily it got underneath the couches and chairs within my family room, office, and media room. The only real factor it could not get under would be a particularly low entry table. I needed to empty the bin once during its run (dog and cat hair) and take away a sock along with a USB cable that got selected up, but that is a person issue. The noise level on eco is simply a bit softer than its turbo mode which is pretty loud although not intolerable.

As you’re watching it go, I grew to become worried a couple of occasions if this would do half an area or ignore a place behind a seat or within shelf, however the D7 always returned and handle the task. My floors are nearly all hardwood along with some tile within the laundry room therefore it did not review any carpets, however i can tell it labored amazingly on wood. I tested the pause/resume function and also the go back to base and both labored only the way I’d expect. It will an adorable little wiggle when docking itself, that we found particularly amusing.

The ground plan reports around the application are nifty to check out also it did an super good job at recreating the house. I can tell all of the little dots where solid objects were (couches, table legs, etc.) and every room seems in keeping with accurate dimensions. If only I possibly could label the rooms and tell Neato to visit a particular area, but maybe that’s arriving the next release.

Something that it drove over was selected up and also the only places left dirty were the corners from the room, so it got near to but never quite arrived at. Basically added all of the corners up, it might be under a sq . ft . of space which was missed. Sometimes it is a bit over sensitive when discovering objects, just like a low hanging drape that could have easily pressed aside (I didn’t possess the ‘careful’ mode enabled) however i suppose it’s easier to be safe and sound.

For only a couple of times of use I can not state that I’ve got a truth of methods the D7 works, however the first couple of times of possession cause me to feel feel completely justified in spending the cash around the D7.

Its ongoing performance most likely depends on proper maintenance and frequent cleaning from the filter and brush, but that is a couple of minutes that I am pleased to invest the caliber of this little guy.

Customer Reviews

Works really well, once you figure it out

84 people found this helpful
 on July 11, 2018
By Gadget Guy
I own a Roomba (a 780 which uses random-patterns to clean), and wanted a second robot vacuum for the upstairs. Research pointed me at the new D7, which also happens to be cheaper than the top-of-the-line Roomba. Further, Neato’s privacy policy offers assurances that they will never sell your info, and last time I checked, iRobot did not offer any such assurance. The D7 is quite agile when compared to the Roomba; I’ve watched the D7 lift its front end up to climb from tile to carpet, which is a nice trick. It doesn’t always work (e.g. a shag throw rug in one bathroom bunches up when the D7 tries to climb onto it), but it often does. I’m also happy with its cleaning; picks up dust, dirt, pet hair… pretty much everything on my tile and Berber-carpeted floors. I really like its ability to realize it is low on power, head back to the base, recharge and start cleaning where it left off! It is able to clean my entire top floor (it says almost 900 square feet covered) with no recharge or only 1 recharge. The mapping and no-go lines are killer features, especially when compared to iRobot wanting you to buy IR Beacons (or virtual walls…

First time robot vacuum owner – my expectations could not have been more satisfied

69 people found this helpful
 on March 21, 2018
By Brian R
This is my first robotic vacuum and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’m incredibly pleased to report that it performed better than I could have expected. Most of the reviews and demo videos I’ve seen are for small apartments or well-kept Ikea demo houses. I set the D7 loose on my 1,900 square foot first floor with lots of irregular edges and obstacles in the way. It navigated them skillfully. I have four barstool chairs at a kitchen breakfast area and the D7 scooted in between each chair and wedged itself between the legs to clean as well as it could. It took two runs and ~3 hours (plus 90 minutes to recharge halfway through) to clean the floors on eco mode, which it turned on to do the initial mapping. During the run, it never once got stuck under anything and surprised me at how easily it got under the couches and chairs in my living room, office, and media room. The only thing it couldn’t get under was a particularly low entry table. I had to empty the bin once during its run (cat and dog hair) and remove a sock and a USB cable that managed to get picked up, but that’s a user issue. The noise level on eco is just a bit softer than its turbo mode which itself is pretty loud but not unbearable.

Second time‘s a charm!

29 people found this helpful
 on May 10, 2018
By Dave
After doing much research, I narrowed down my choice for a robotic vacuum to Neato D7 or the Roomba 980. I decided on the Neato D7 because I’ve read it’s better with pet hair, uses laser and not cameras so can work in the dark, and held a longer battery charge in real-time tests. I was a bit leary because of some of the negative reviews so went ahead and bought the 3 year warranty. Anyway, the first time out of the box, Neato did a great job of navigating around obstacles, getting itself unstuck, and mapping about 90% of my house. However, I had one minor and one major issue. The minor one is that it synced right away with my daughters iPhone, but then wouldn’t sync with my iPhone because it was already synced to a device. I had to removed my daughters phone from the area so it would then allow me to sync mine. Took about 7 tries, but it finally worked. The major issue is that when it was trying to charge on the dock, the yellow battery icon never turned green, but instead turned red and then it finally died. I contacted Neato support via chat & they were very helpful. I tried several things with them, but then they determined the charging base was faulty and suggested I return it.

Expensive, Amazing, Frustrating, A Good Value

20 people found this helpful
 on April 23, 2018
By E. Adamy
We’ve had the D7 for a few days short of a month and we are going to keep it. The D7 is amazing in its ability to map a house into a series of large and small rectangles, then process each rectangle by cleaning the perimeter followed by the interior. No more random wandering around the house. Our home is all one level; however the size, arrangement, and shape of rooms proved more than challenging for the type of robot which cleans randomly. The D7 completes the job in one long cleaning cycle. Our floors are hardwood with several scattered area rugs. The thickness of area rugs seems not to matter; however long fringe is prone to getting caught in the brush so we fold it under the rug and tape it. The D7 always collects a full bin including lots of hair from our two cats. The D7 is scheduled to run two “Eco” cycles and one “Turbo” cleaning cycle per week. The weekly Swiffer mopping with Bona cleaner finds very little hair and dirt. The messaging from the D7 to the Neato Phone App is informative in describing problems and notifying us of completed cleaning jobs. The D7’s ability to navigate a challenge is remarkable.

Pray you don’t need NEATO support

14 people found this helpful
 on June 15, 2018
By Amazon Customer
The D7 is absolutely a AMAZING, well the second one. The first one I received would not map my floors, nor would it complete a full clean cycle. I spent 10 DAYS trying to get a replacement unit from NEATO, with NO LUCK. They had me take pictures of my floors, my house, and my carpet, had me reset, reboot, and reload. When I would call the following day to find out where the replacement was I would be asked to complete the same repetitive steps that would NEVER resolve the issue. Finally, I turned back to Amazon, which was an amazing experience. Amazon asked no questions, had a replacement unit to me in 2 days, and the new unit works flawlessly. I would absolutely rate this a 5 star product if I never had to deal with NEATO support. I am taking a gamble that this new one will not require any NEATO support, as I would rather call my EX-wife for technical support before calling NEATO again.

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