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Amazon Price: $379.00 (as of January 15, 2019 10:38 am – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

The iRobot Roomba 614 Vacuum Cleaning Robot provides a comprehensive cleaning, all at the push of a button. The trademarked, 3-Stage Cleaning System picks up dust, family pet hair and big debris like cereal. The Lithium Ion battery assists your robot go the distance, offering approximately 3x the battery cycle lifetime. Roomba  614 works on all flooring types, and at simply 3.6 inch tall, is specifically created to fit under most furnishings, beds and kickboards.


  • Just press CLEAN on the robot vacuum, no programming required
  • Patented 3-Stage Cleaning System and Dual Multi-Surface Brushes pick up everything from small particles to large debris
  • Dirt Detect sensors alert Roomba to work harder on concentrated areas of dirt, such as high-traffic zones of your home
  • Full suite of intelligent sensors guide the robot under and around furniture to help thoroughly clean your floors
  • Auto-Adjust Cleaning Head automatically adapts its height to effectively clean carpets and hard floors


iRobot Roomba 614 Robot Vacuum iRobot Roomba 614 Robot Vacuum iRobot Roomba 614 Robot Vacuum iRobot Roomba 614 Robot Vacuum iRobot Roomba 614 Robot Vacuum
Roomba 614
Roomba 690
Roomba 890
Roomba 960
Roomba 980
Patented 3-Stage Cleaning System – picks up small dust to large debris
Brushes Dual Multi-Surface Brushes, Edge-Sweeping Brush Dual Multi-Surface Brushes, Edge-Sweeping Brush Tangle-Free Dual Multi-Surface Brushes, Edge-Sweeping Brush Tangle-Free Dual Multi-Surface Brushes, Edge-Sweeping Brush Tangle-Free Dual Multi-Surface Brushes, Edge-Sweeping Brush
Vacuum Suction 5x power 5x power 10x power + deeper cleaning on carpets
Multi-Surface Cleaning with Auto-Adjust Cleaning Head
Automatically recharges itself Recharge and Resume Recharge and Resume
iAdapt Navigation with full suite of sensors + Visual Navigation for entire level coverage + Visual Navigation for entire level coverage
Dirt Detect Technology Advanced Dirt Detect Technology Advanced Dirt Detect Technology Advanced Dirt Detect Technology
Filter High-Efficiency High-Efficiency High-Efficiency
Smart Home Connected Use with iRobot HOME App, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant Use with iRobot HOME App, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant Use with iRobot HOME App, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant + Clean Map reports Use with iRobot HOME App, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant + Clean Map reports & advanced cleaning settings

Overall, a good purchase given the prime day discount (bought for $250) — I would not purchase at full price.

+ Easily manages several area rugs, including one with a deep shag (mid-century modern)
+ Docks itself after cleaning with battery life to spare
+ Learns chair and table legs, moving around them to clean surprisingly well
+ Has not gotten stuck at all under our several chairs or our couch
+ Collects a lot of dust and dirt — we do not have pets, and our hired cleaner was here 10 days before the photos — pile on left in photo is from the filter after I ran it twice.
+ Spot feature is great for a specific area – works its way out in widening circles – 2nd photo is same area after spot cleaning the smaller pile on the right.
+ Continues cleaning as it moves back to the dock (after I push the ‘dock’ button)

+ It is louder than I would have anticipated — around the volume of a hand held dirt devil
+ It does not manage our tile floors well — dirt pile on the right in photo is from my sweeping our kitchen floor after Roomba finished — most of this was swept up from the tile surface, not the cracks. I noticed that the brush at times sends crumbs out of range before the robot rolls over an area to suction up. The suction on the Roomba is not strong enough to pick up crumbs in between the tiles.
+ It did not find / enter our small sun room directly off of the dining room, despite a wide open doorway that is 5 feet across. Am hoping that by manually placing it in the room a couple of times it will find it.

Overall happy with the purchase — as other reviewers mentioned, it seems aimless at first but wises up very quickly!

Customer Reviews

I learned to love this thing!

61 people found this helpful
 on December 7, 2016
By chuck
After seeing the newer models that have come out of iRobot and other manufacturers I was uncertain how happy I would be the Rooba614. Being a bit of a cheapskate I tend to look at price more than I should, so I gave it a shot. I got this item from the Amazon Warehouse deals in “Like New” condition. “Amazon Warehouse” packaged this horribly, but this tough little bot showed no signs of damage or wear from being bounced around by UPS for 2 days. Regardless, my rating is not based on the shipping but on the product. For a $250 robot vacuum she cleans well. This may not be great for the OCD among us, like myself, but if you can keep the faith it will pick it up. Just don’t watch the vacuum work, you’ll keep trying to perform a “Jedi mind trick” to pick up the debris it keeps randomly passing by. ”The suction is equivalent of an old dust buster, but the brushes do most of the work. I have 3 cats, 1 Labrador, 2 girls and one son at home… meaning this thing has seen glitter, mud, and fur, rarely leaving anything behind. It does not snag the edges of rugs or cords, it finds its way to the home charger 95+% of the time without assistance. It is very good on rugs, carpet and hard floors.

Cleaned like a dream, but a very basic model.

225 people found this helpful
 on July 14, 2016
By Power shopper!
My Roomba gave birth to a ferret! I have been debating on getting a Roomba mostly to maintain the amazing work our cleaning lady does in between cleanings, which is every 2 weeks. We have a short haired dog who shreds quite a bit and a 1 year old who is all over, so we definitely were enticed by something that would help us keep the floors clean. We jumped on it when it was on sale for Prime Day. Let me first say that this is our first and only Roomba and we haven’t tried any competitive products yet. It was just delivered today and we couldn’t wait to give it a whirl. We charged it as directed and let it go to work. At first, the Roomba seemed to take a very haphazard approach, leaving areas completely untouched. Over time, it seemed to cover almost everything, and we were pleasantly surprised. It did seem like it slightly favored low pile area rugs over hard wood and laminate because it kept going over our rugs multiple times. We noticed that it was in one room for what seemed like forever, left and then came back to that same room even though it seemed clean already. Also, it moved some of our dining room chairs, which are pretty heavy.

Cool little cleaner

31 people found this helpful
 on July 9, 2017
I have a dog and 2 women living with me. The hair this thing gets is crazy. It’s a challenge to keep it happy with hair getting in the rollers, all rollers get jammed with hair. Other than that my allergies have been easier on me, and the dust is a lot less in the house. I am on single level 2000sqft. I run it most days daily dump the bin and every other week find some reason to clean out the hair. The first month was the worst with hair, after a couple months it’s not too bad. I have had it going for 8 months now and will keep this updated if there is a problem.

We can’t do regular vacuuming with big vacs and these little guys do a WAY BETTER job. Yes

14 people found this helpful
 on June 6, 2018
By Sillihunter
We have a 2200 sq. Foot home….give or take a few hundred sq. feet. So we decided to get a second Roomba because we wanted one at both ends of the house AND we added a dog since our first Roomba purchase. We can’t do regular vacuuming with big vacs and these little guys do a WAY BETTER job. Yes, you read that right, the little guy does a better job! Th Roomba is a powerhouse in a mini package! Now for a tip to all who want their purchase to last. We ALWAYS empty the filter and container about 45mins to an hour into her work. It keeps her cleaning at her best. Finally when she is done working we take her out to the garage and use the air compressor and blow her out. We do this EVERY time without fail. She goes to her charger clean and ready for next time. Also, the most expensive unit is not always the best unit. Meaning our choices were made because we need the pet hair option. We feel the 650 and 614 models are the best ones for our home. There are many models with individual options and specialized cleaning functions. Be sure to look at all models of Roomba and decide what meets your house needs. Lastly, go with the or the iRobot brand name. You will not be disappointed.

A darn fine upgrade from my Roomba 400 which recnetly died … (RIP)

59 people found this helpful
 on December 16, 2016
By JimBob
I had a Roomba 400 series machine for about 9 years, and finally wore it out. After some research it seemed for my need the 614 as the more-or-less “entry level” model in the series now would suit my needs and not break the bank. I don’t have pets, and I don’t need scheduling. With a small tear in my eye I sold my wounded 400 series on eBay, and pulled the trigger on the purchase of a 614. In short I love it – it is much quieter than my 400, it is variable speed and moves more slowly while “defining” its vacuuming perimeter, and then while vacuuming slows down as it approaches a known wall or obstacle so it doesn’t “crash” into things at full speed as did the 400. The filter has more surface area, and while the dust bin does not “dump” as easily as the 400 it’s not much of a pain. The dock/docking station is a very nice feature, and the battery lasts much longer than my 400 battery did even when new. The drive system has been redesigned, the cliff sensors are now more resistant to dust, and I presume the wheel encoders are also more dust resistant (they look that way) that was a problem with my 400…

This is my first roomba and I love it. I have run it every day since …

25 people found this helpful
 on January 10, 2018
By GrannyG
I purchased the 614 because I do not need a remote control, scheduling capability or lighthouse. This is my first roomba and I love it. I have run it every day since I got it. At first it appeared to follow a random path but the manual says it seeks out the dirtiest places first and I can believe it. It runs for 60-70 minutes on one charge and returns to the dock. Every time I run it the dust bin has dirt and fuzz in it. It is very easy to empty the bin. The cliff sensor really works so it doesn’t fall down the stairs. It takes about 3 hrs to get s full charge. So I block off rooms and shut doors and do a room at a time. We have entryway-living room-kitchen-bathroom-2 bedrooms on the main floor and this model does inicely when I do the bedrooms and bath separately. It does indeed go under furniture that is 3-1/2 inches or more off the ground. It does corners nicely too. I was skeptical about a round device getting in corners but the long brush things do the trick. Suction seems adequate since the bin always has stuff in it when it returns to the dock. I am a big fan and my husband who thought this was a joke is also a convert now. A bonus is that it entertains the dog for an hour when I run it.

perfect test ground for this thing

8 people found this helpful
 on June 10, 2018
By Slammer Tig
The job was a large HW floor with 2 10x8ft throw Persian carpets. The room is open, not cluttered or obstructed…perfect test ground for this thing. Well, it bounced around for a while, headed back to docking station twice in the time I watched. I then had to go push center clean button to send it out cleaning and it pretty much went over quite of bit of previous area it had already been over zig-zagging around rather than systematic cleaning. 2 stars because it did finally clean around a small table quite nicely. Bottom line, I can do much better job with my suction vacuum system in a fraction of the time. Plus the thing shuts down during docking and takes manual starting to get bak on the job. Not recommended unless you want to get a timer rig and even then I’ll bet not much better. Also, didn’t have enough suction to pick up stuff at margin of carpet and wood floor. Forget corners. Good idea, needs more work on the drawing board.

Rudy the Roomba is our friend

12 people found this helpful
 on March 16, 2017
By The Juice
I love this Roomba. We have three kids under 10 who are mess making machines and a part time cat. I try to run it every other day. We live in a 2K square foot ranch. Rudy (that’s what we named him) takes some crazy routes, but seems to get the floors all cleaned. Sometimes I find it relaxing to just watch it randomly scoot about. We also have a routine of putting up door rugs and closing off areas where he can get stuck. It’s 10 mins total prep work to have your whole house swept and vacuumed. Sign me up. We’ve had Rudy since Christmas and all is good so far.

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