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ILIFE A4s Review – Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Strong Suction and Remote Control

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Amazon Price: $249.99 $169.99 (as of January 15, 2019 2:21 pm – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

ILIFE A4s is a clever cleaning assistant with strong suction and also almost quiet working noise, an Industry leader in innovation as well as production of robotic vacuum systems for over a decade.

 ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner Main Highlights

3-step cleaning system with a strong suction provides a thorough and concentrated cleaning.

Extremely quiet compared to other vacuums. Allergies are reduced by its hepa filter air purification system.

Automatically starts on its scheduling program, and returns to its docking station to recharge when battery runs low.

Knows your unique home with multiple smart sensors- avoids bumping around or dropping off stars.

Superier battery-group brings up to 140mins cleaning time, the A4s even cleans under beds, along the walls and around the clutter..Dirt can not hide.

Tangle-free roller brush

Ilife A4s Amazon
Ilife A4s Coupon

Innovated tangle-free roller brush, with powerful suction, 2 sides brush provides a deeper and thorough clean, also makes A4s easy for use and maintain.

Powerful and Lasting

Ilife A4s On Sale
Ilife A4s Review

Activate Max mode via remote controller to enjoy a super powered clean with maximum pickup.
Long lasting Li-ion Battery with fade-free technology brings up to 140 minutes working time.

Cleaning any where

Ilife A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Ilife A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner Vs Roomba

Low profile design to clean under beds, sofa where dirt hides.
Freely adapts to multi floor types in your unique home.

Automatic and Programmable

Ilife A4s Robot Vacuum Review
Ilife A4s Smart Robotic Vacuum

Programmable scheduling allows the A4s to clean when you are asleep or goes out.
Automatically docks and recharges when A4s runs low on power.


1.) Extremely solid suction !! – Under regular setting the suction is solid however it additionally permits longer battery life. Max Mode has AMAZING SUCTION however battery life takes a hit! If made use of everyday, Max Mode isn’t really required unless you have family pets!

2.) Practically Silent – Of training course, Max Mode is a little louder however on regular this point is nearly quiet. The BobSweep is LOUD and also could be listened to also when the door is closed. I could be in the very same space as this ILIFE and also not see it’s audio in all!!

3.) Consists of Spare Filter – One HEPA filter is set up in the vacuum cleaner and also it consists of an extra

4.) Components are very easy to locate (Spare Filters, Brushes, as well as More) – They are marketed right here on Amazon. Schedule of components is one point that I have actually discovered is a MUST when it concerns these robot vacuum cleaners !! They last a lot longer when you change components such as brushes and also filters on a regular basis.

5.) Has a BRUSH – A great deal of these less costly vacuum cleaners do not have a brush!! I have actually discovered that brushes are a should when it concerns these vacuum cleaners!

6.) Side Brushes – They function extremely well!! Especially on side settings! It truly grabs hair as well as dirt on the side of your wall surface as well as presses it right into the vacuum cleaners suction

7.) Rather Large Dust Bin – The container isn’t really virtually as big as my BobSweep Bin (But BobSweep is a little beefy) yet the container is plenty huge sufficient if utilized everyday or at the very least every couple of days

8.) Remarkable Battery Life – over a hr each cleansing. Also on Max Mode. On regular setting you could obtain an additional 10 – 20 mins from the battery

9.) All sensing units WORK GREAT!!! All the sensing units on this vacuum cleaner job fantastic as well as maintain it from striking furnishings and also wall surfaces.

10.) Consists of Remote

11.) Easy to make use of – Just push the switch and also off it goes!

12.) Could be anchored on carpeting – a great deal of vacuum cleaners will certainly not dock when their dock is put on rug. This vacuum cleaner could dock on rug with no problems

13.) Cleans brief rug and also floor tile really quickly – I have both carpeting as well as ceramic tile in my residence and also have no concerns cleansing either surface area with this

14.) Quick Charging

15.) Will certainly dock itself and also fee

16.) Easy to set up cleansings

17.) Top quality is AMAZING

18.) Remarkable customer care – They have actually been extremely receptive to both my concerns as well as problem if they emerge. I believe their customer care is just one of the most effective on the marketplace!!

19.) Mini Room Mode – Press the automobile switch two times for mini space setting – Mini Room Mode is AWESOME!! My Bobsweep will certainly vacuum tiny spaces for over a hr. Yeah, excessive right ?? Mini Room setting on this is very easy to utilize as well as very easy to establish!! It actually conserves power!

20.) Functions excellent with PET HAIR as well as Hair generally!!!

21.) Worth – GREAT VALUE. I have actually located most vacuum cleaners around the $200 cost typically aren’t great or are doing not have MAJOR attributes that impact cleansing. While this is doing not have some small functions such as WiFi, condition display, and also a couple of others, none of the functions it is missing out on influence cleansing!! I have actually seen some generics that do not have HEPA filters, do not have brushes, and also much more for around this very same cost. ILife has a terrific vacuum cleaner below, filled with attributes, at an AMAZING PRICE. This cleanses equally as well as the high valued vacuum cleaners and also the only functions it is missing out on are attributes that simply make life much easier as well as typically aren’t functions that influence cleansing.


1.) No WiFi – A great deal of these vacuum cleaners are bring out WiFi as well as applications incase you neglect to transform them on prior to you leave. You could inform it to vacuum from their applications. No WiFi or application with this vacuum cleaner however keep in mind, the rate is a lot below a lot of

General: This is a wonderful vacuum cleaner for the cost … Don’t also think about the majority of the various other “Generics” on Amazon !! BUY THIS ONE. It functions extremely well as well as truly aids with allergic reactions! I very advise this vacuum cleaner to anybody that remains in the marketplace for a robot vacuum cleaner

Customer Reviews

My floors look great and I’m really excited about this new addition

525 people found this helpful
 on February 21, 2017
By mel bell
my first robot vacuum…WOW! I haven’t sat down to program it yet, but i did run it this morning. I vacuumed last night, however the A4S ran for more than 2 hours 15 minutes; i emptied it 3 times. It picked up dirt, dog hair, small twigs, tree bark, and grass…all tracked in by kids/dogs/me. It’s fascinating to watch it work…im wonderstruck. I have all wood/tile floors with transition pieces, with a few rugs. It managed all surfaces well, though it did get stuck 1 x under the piano pedals. It might have freed itself, but i helped it along. It found it’s way back to its dock without difficulty. My floors look great and I’m really excited about this new addition. I will update if there are any design flaws or other issues. update: 1 day later, I cannot believe how much debris this thing picks up from corners and under furniture. It ate a sock/tissue too, then turned itself off. I removed the sock/tissue and it worked just fine. I swept and vacuumed, but it keeps finding debris, dirt, dog hair, etc.

Superior function and price point

50 people found this helpful
 on May 10, 2017
By Cherith
One of the best things I’ve ever purchased. DId extensive research and saw that this one has the most bang for the buck and is significantly less expensive that many of the others. One of our 2 dogs is a Sheltie who sheds like crazy despite being brushed nearly every day.The Goldendoodle has feet that are like mops and brings in tons of “stuff” from outside. Makes the transition between hardwood, tile and thin carpet without problem. Doesn’t get hung up on stuff and picks up an amazing amount of debris, including a penny that had been dropped on the floor. Haven’t seen it go over anything without picking it up. This thing is amazing. Quiet and very efficient. I’m buying another one for the upstairs.

8 months & I’ve found a fatal flaw … RIP ILife

40 people found this helpful
 on July 31, 2017
By Macie
I decided to write my initial review and update at a later time. I feel that would give a fair overview of this product & I also want to be very thorough; $200 is a lot of money to my family, it may be to yours also. I want to make sure you know all the pros & cons before making a purchase. So far – holy moly! It does just what it says it will. Vacuums over my laminate wood floors, area rugs & bathroom/kitchen tile. It does a great job, too! One less thing for me to take care of! I can’t make any sense of the pattern it uses on auto clean, but it covers everywhere! There are 2 long haired ladies in my house, plus a shedding dog. I check the dirt container often & empty as needed. Our hair has gotten wrapped around the roller but a seam ripper got it out easy enough. It doesn’t like dark corners, so make sure your rooms are well lit. Its not silent, though not loud either. Quieter than a hair dryer on low. All in all, thus far, definitely worth the money! Cons: rolls up thin/small area rugs & the spinning brushes probably will need replacing often (just my opinion). *** 1 week update *** Still going strong! This thing has paid for itself already in my opinion.


21 people found this helpful
 on October 23, 2017
By Sunny
The trick, I’ve found, to getting along with your robotic vacuum, is not to micromanage. You have to be a relatively laid-back person with a sense of whimsy when dealing with one. You can’t yell at it when it doesn’t pick up that dog fur tumbleweed – when it casually goes right by it towards the cat. It’s blind, and once you realize what a good job it does despite the fact that it cannot see a damned thing, then you’ll respect it. It’s important to thank it out loud regularly (that’s good for you anyway – strengthens your skills in the field of magnanimousness). Just leave it alone and after a few hours you will be amazed at the job it’s done. Don’t supervise it – don’t even watch it (unless you’re doing it for sheer amusement) – and you’ll be a lot happier. Mine does not do anything for my Persian rug, thus the four stars, in fact it regularly regurgitates the contents of its little dustbin stomach once it gets up on the rug, but that’s okay with me. I just break out the Dyson for that. My son thinks it’s hilarious when Rosie (that’s the robot’s name – how very unoriginal, I know) and I are vacuuming at the same time.

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