Review of ECOVACS DEEBOT 900/901 Smart Robotic Vacuum for Carpet, Bare Floors, Pet Hair, with Mapping Technology, Higher Suction Power, Wifi Connected and Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant

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I’m so happy with this purchase

 on May 16, 2018
By VinRyan
I’m so happy with this purchase! This is my first vacuum cleaner and I’m very impressed how it works well. It’s pretty quite and you can let it vacuum room whenever you want. The most important thing is it vacuums nicely from room to room without any problems! I have two dogs at

This little guy makes me believe "technology changes life"!

 on May 13, 2018
By Jessie
I spend a lot of time and money on house cleaning. Recently, I moved into my new beloved home. And I purchased both Dyson big ball and this Deebot to make it in an excellent condition. There is nothing to say about Dyson, you can feel the power once you use it. But I really exciting to tell you why I fell in love with this Deebot. This is my first time to buy a cleaning robot and I really enjoy the changes it brings.Firstly, it is easy to use. I charged and set it as the instruction said at first. I didn’t meet any problem about connection. I am using Internet service from AT&T, and the connection is perfect. Secondly, it does a really good job of cleaning. The first time I tried it was two days after I used Dyson. But the trash collection box was full when I pull it out. The clear track it left can tell that it works so great! Finally, I want to say this series is really smart. I saw the video of robots from another brand on YouTube. They collide all the time and some of them even changing direction by colliding… This Deebot is so smart, there seem eyes on it. It really seldom to “kiss” the furniture, and it figures out the maps very quickly.

works great but difficult to set up

 on May 23, 2018
By Jessamine Lopez
This robot is amazing once it is is set up. The setup was difficult, hence the 4 stars. I think the ap needs to be tweaked to allow easier customization of the mapping feature. The robot will create a virtual map of the house and wants to clean the entire map before the customization feature will become enabled in the ap. I have a large, open concept house that the robot could not clean entirely without losing the battery charge and having to recharge. For some reason, if I waited overnight to resume cleaning, the map would not save and I would have to start all over again. Also, I have 3 8×10 area rugs throughout the house that the robot would go on and get caught underneath the furniture. It would spend a lot of time and waste a lot of battery life trying to find its way out. The rugs are wool and shed a lot of fibers, so the dust bin would fill up very quickly and then it would just spray the fibers around creating more of a mess. I wanted to just keep the robot off my rugs and have it clean the wood floor, but once it mapped the rooms with the rugs it wanted to clean the areas with the rugs to complete the map. The solution was to reset the map and create fake “walls” around all my rugs using boxes, bins, hampers, etc. to trick the robot. It was a pain and very time consuming to gather all these things for 3 large rugs, but it worked. Once the robot cleaned the areas around the rugs, it completed the map and I was able to block off the rug areas in the ap so I could remove the “fake walls”. It works awesome now, just cleans where I want it to and does a great job 🙂 God help me if the map ever gets reset and I have to do that whole process again, I will be very upset. I think the ap should be updated to allow customization once the room is mapped out, not once it is entirely cleaned. There are some areas the robot should never go in, and it would be helpful if they could be blocked off with the virtual walls from the get go, not only after the robot has cleaned everything. It took 3 days and a lot of frustration for us to get the map set up, but now we are enjoying a clean house and love our Deebot.

Wanted to like it – died after week – update: replacement works well

 on May 22, 2018
By Thomas B.
Have also a iRobot Roomba 960 and they both look and clean similar.

Runtime , navigation

 on June 13, 2018
By wei.yang
I’d never dealt with cleaning Robert or any other robotic vacuum before this one. I have to say I’m blown away by how well this little guy cleans and navigates, both on hardwood and carpet. It won’t replace your normal vacuum, but it’ll definitely keep the floors cleaner between normal vacuuming.

… have been using it every day and I really enjoy using it

 on May 30, 2018
By weiwei
I got these ecovacs robotics one week ago and have been using it every day and I really enjoy using it. first, the packing came was very perfect no lost and damage. I think it’s best used with hard surfaces. It is really time-consuming to vacuum the floor manually and my mother has been complaining this for a long time, she is so glad that I got her this little helper. The app is really easy to use and set up was easy also. A mapping system where you can tell it where to go. With my phone, I can cancel the cleaning and it will go back to the charging station. when the 901 operating is very quiet, so I can even use it when my mom is sleeping. Puls the Cleaning power is amazing. It cleans under beds and furniture. Altogether, the floors have never looked better! It really helps around my apartment a lot! It was very smart purchasing!

Maps get screwed and forgotten very often, not worth the extra money

 on June 7, 2018
By Kanto
I bought this bot because of it’s support for virtual boundaries, which are great when they work. The bot gets lost almost every day, and starts recognizing existing rooms as new rooms, screwing the map and the virtual boundaries. Even if it doesn’t get lost, it usually forgets the map, so I have to run a new mapping, meaning I have to supervise it doesn’t get into difficult parts I want to avoid.

This will put the overpriced Roomba out of business!

 on June 18, 2018
By ThisIsFine
This is my second unit. The first one started to act up almost right away…within 2 or 3 days. It would start a cleaning cycle and create a new map over the original, but at roughly a 30 degree angle. Then I started to get LDS errors and the Deebot asking me to tap on the LDS sensor. Got in touch with Ecovacs and they asked me to reset the unit and try again. After doing that 2 times, still not working right. They promptly shipped me out a replacement unit and a shipping label to return the defective one. Again, they shipped me a NEW unit for FREE without getting the original back yet! It was express shipped and actually showed up USPS to my doorstep on a Sunday!! I didn’t think that was possible. Sunday delivery?? The new unit has been working flawlessly. I have it upstairs taking care of 6 rooms and a long hallway, all carpeted, and it does an amazing job. I also have a Deebot Ozmo 930 downstairs where it’s all hardwood floors. Both units work great. Customer service is superb. Would buy again and am telling all my friends to NOT buy an expensive Roomba. This is a much better brand, especially for the price!

The coverage is very good with the linear routing rather the random path of …

 on June 15, 2018
By Ron B
Works well after getting the ECOVACS APP on the cell phone and the DEEBOT connected to the phone via our router. The APP software Certificate information is not published and thus we have to use the minimum Firewall Security setting to Login and get the DEEBOT to work. I asked for Port Forwarding information from ECOVAC and they stated to get the IP to add it to the “Whitelist”??? The IP insists ECOVACS should provide the information I need to allow port forwarding – I agree – going in circles.
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Review Of ECOVACS DEEBOT 900/901 Smart Robotic Vacuum For Carpet, Bare Floors, Pet Hair, With Mapping Technology, Higher Suction Power, Wifi Connected And Compatible With Alexa And Google Assistant